After a salmonella affair in shopping malls, a new scandal will encourage many to give up their meat on their plate. Animal Friends got a photo of the Croatian trade frenzy today, showing that he was tortured before slaughter. Equally brutal is the suffering of turkeys and cows on the Croatian footage, which has become virulent during 2016. called "Nevin's Tailor After Hitting His Head, Throttled His throat while still alive".


The scene of the terrible slaughter of cattle and cows, where the slaughterers, in a mockery, in Croatian, commented on how they should be in a state of being able to torture even more easily and ultimately kill animals, scattered the entire Internet. The story of cruelty to animals in Croatia has spread to the whole world. The skinny body and head of the calf fall rapidly under the force of the bumps, and the cattle on the record take away life and dignity, and, with curses and laughter, frighten her in the last protests. The recording is difficult to watch, and anyone who decides to face the rough reality of routine handling in the slaughterhouse will continue to perceive the sounds of ruthless blows.

If such a practice is truly routine practice, it also proves the photographs of the old, only a few weeks, which has ended its miserable life by dying in pain, under fingers, sticks or by means such as electroshocks, which are used in slaughterhouses to take animals that are last tormenting for life.

Pigs, for which scientists have proven to be smarter than dogs, have the same level of intelligence as chimpanzees and are prone to empathy, mass suffering and dying in the meat industry. Cows, incredibly intelligent and emotional animals, with strong motherly instincts as well as in human species, relentlessly exploit the dairy industry. The vast majority of pigs and cows carry their lives captive in terrible conditions and end their short lives by adoration that can never be humane.

Animal Friends invites everyone not to forget the horror that pigs, cows and other animals are experiencing in breeding and slaughterhouses and to think about joining an increasing number of more than 160 thousand people in Croatia who have stopped eating animals.