Studio Smijeha - The first stand-up club in the region has an over-schedule schedule for 8.1. Read what kind of program you have prepared and with which you want to laugh:

TUESDAY 03.01. in 20.30h "Pink Eyeglasses" Marina Orsag birthday show

With Marini's 38. birthday she will pay tribute to 38. performing "Pink Eyeglasses"!
"Dear stand up public ... in the last eleven years of work in the stand-up comedy, and through life, I realized how important it is to look around the world positively and keep the baby in it. Everything can be as it wills. And so in this third solo show I've decided to share with you all those positive things in life, and those negative through laughter turn to positive. Come and hang out with me and watch the world through my pink glasses for hours and a half. "
In its third solo stand up show, Marina will go with you through the phases of childhood, growing up, undressing, lost and found love, and all the little absurd things that surround us everyday.
In accordance with the state of the country in which every day we cry from disappointment, sadness and shock, come to an hour and a half of crying out of laughter, it is more than necessary for all of us.
In the eleven years of career, the marina behind her has over the 1800 performance, the title of the best female stand-up comic by Balkan 2013, and the best comedian of continental Europe and Russia 2015 at the Jokenation Contest. It is also time for the third, this time, a bit more solo tour throughout the region.
In addition, the marina is a large child in a small adult. Elder Peter Pan and the person who feeds on the audience's laugh and audience. And he is aware that he does not appear on the stage as a stand-up comedian, he would have great mental problems. This is just small. For chocolate, he would sell everything, and he would stir up the people around him at the same rate.
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WEDNESDAY 04.01. in 20.30h "Shifted Evening" Stand up show

When you join Psiha, Joy gets a totally shifted night!
Tihomir Psihomir Paravina
He 'Explains his forehead as opposed to a magician who will never find out what the trick' and 'Most likely he would turn against the audience as a conductor and then laugh at my back.'
It's already so long for the microphone to buy a payphone subscription and have that mini-phone cable for the phone.
He had just talked about it and introduced music scores that also went great with the audience although he did not know the notes or the music alphabet. Better is grammar than math.
Joža Vrban
The multiple winner of the open-air microphone night, Joža Vrban, likes to recount the urban encounters of dead and alive nature - a bicycle with pigeons and herself with girls. Do not try to figure out what you want to say because you will not succeed. Preferably relax and enjoy the simplicity and charm. Along with the stand, he plays a bass guitar and loves everything he loves.
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THURSDAY 05.01. in 20.30h New text January - premiere

This Thursday we start with new forays, for the first time in 2017.!
As it is customary, our comedians and comedians design a new moon each month so that you can enjoy the month of the month.
The premiere edition of the new text is performed by Marina Orsag, Saša Turković, Miranda Loncar, Josip Škiljo and Marko Dejanović.
Do not miss!
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FRIDAY 06.01. in 20.00 h Fuckup nights Zagreb

The Holy Three Kings
After an exceptionally successful first night of failure and failure in the organization of the same (acknowledged, released) Comedy Club Studio Laughs and ProPuh continue to organize and organize the second night of the 6 failure. January 2017. in 20 hours. We hope you will join us and start a new year with insights into failures and failures in work at 2016 or how far their history goes.
Interspersed with professional success stories that motivate your motivation to justify the achievement and concealment of failure, we remain determined to show the second part of the medal. Considering that we should open space for each other, and we are talking about ourselves as being a normal step on the professional path, but also for the emergent phenomena that provide support and valuable insights. Our goal is visibility and rehabilitation of failure.
The comedy club "Studio laughter" is one of the few places where professionals who are confident and self-confident in speaking about their failure gather together and ProPuh is a small company of great ideas that in many of its failures does not count the nights of failure.
Like last time, as a sponsor join us, Lush rewards our brave speakers - fuckupers. We hope you join us and support us (success) of all of us at other Fuckup nights Zagreb!
Fuckup Laughs (a)
Marina Orsag, Studio Smijeha
International Fuckup
Tamara Puhovski, ProPuh
Environmental Fuckup
Petra Boic Petrac, WWF
Partner Fuckup
Danijela Čavlovic, Studio Kairos B & B
#nedamise Fuckup
Ivana Bare, former head of the Government's online teama
Stay calm and make mistakes - Fuckup wrap up

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SATURDAY 07.01. in 20.30 h "TV FILM" Themed stand up show

Television is, say, a medium that has shaped 20. century. But as much as it was helpful, the job also has a bunch of ridiculous faces. Why do WC products always appear in monsters, who buys over TV sales, or why RTL has always burnt a fireplace after finishing the program ...
We will talk about all the things on television and the movie that we have touched on in various ways, from ads through soaps, bands to movies.
You will be in front of you in your TV FILM release: Saša Turković, Tihomir Paravina, Josip Škiljo and evening host Marina Orsag.
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SUNDAY 08.01. in 20.30 h Magicomedy show

Since we exist on this earth, two things fascinate us most: the persistence of supernatural force and human stupidity. Blessed with the desire to reveal them to the world, we gathered three wise men and created a unique show that will explain these two phenomena by magic and comedy!

Each of our wise men is special in their own way, and the associates create a boisterous atmosphere that is big bang!

Voditelj večeri je Goran Vinčić Vinča. Student philosophy, soul of man, and irreproachable romance. High in height and eighty-seven, weighing over one hundred pounds, hyperactive and humble. At leisure she writes poetry she read on Facebook. He knows how to avoid control over the tram, but also a good crown. The master is karate, though no bulb can change. He likes to say he is an extravagant, unrevised and possibly a comedian.

Aryan deals with Close Up Magic & Street Magic, with its unique style wins audience across the region and Europe. He is a new era illusionist who works for close illusions, with maps, balls, coins, small things, predictions, reading of thoughts, etc. His performance consists of smaller and larger illusions, comedies and interactions with the audience.

Comic singer and singer who plays. People who do not know him call it Long for a centimeter or Yellow because of Prosineck. The instagram is gudbajs either because it has a good bike or because it has a good bass. They call it Vrba because of their surname, and Joža is a kindergarten. Do not miss this unique and unforgettable show!
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Reservations for all shows are valid until 20 hours on the show. If you cancel the club, please do so until 18 hours. Reservations are accepted on 095 5103 129 or by e-mail: