How many peanut butter can I carry across the border? And how many snacks, sausages or kulas? - Questions are most commonly posed by Croatians working abroad, mostly in Germany, when they return to work after holidays with families.

They also noticed at BlaBlaCar, a carriage sharing community that they have a family in one, and work in another country is often used to split the cost of traveling with certified companions by reducing the costs of long journeys and those who travel most frequently wonder what they will be in their luggage find them when they return home after Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The smell of sour cabbage
Ajvar and some of the homemade cured meats - unrivaled kulen, ham, jam and sausages are the favorite Croatian food without which you can not go to diaspora. The food that most means 'home taste' is a sarma, so many drivers and travelers admit to tolerate acidic cabbage in the trunks, since it is not easy to get it in Germany.

Homemade cured meat products as well as various brandies are often used as a gift to colleagues, and strangers from Croatian products are delighted with - Napolitans.

The most popular cross-country trips to BlaBlaCar are between Croatia and Germany, which is not surprising since in that country, according to the latest estimates, there is little more than 300.000 Croatian citizens. Most of them are in Munich and so Munchen-Zagreb-Munich is the most common route and at BlaBlaCar there are more than a hundred free places to travel on a daily basis.

Good company and 70% savings
BlaBlaCar connects drivers who plan to travel and have vacant seats in the car with those who need to travel in the same direction to travel together and share the travel costs. Confidence and security at BlaBlaCar is built by verified data, by mutual evaluation of drivers and passengers, and in full details of the members' profiles, among other things, and how much they talk during the journey, from Bla to BlaBlaBla.