In the Facebook group "And that is Zagreb" members wonder how much it actually costs artificial snow on Cmroak and whether this cost really was indispensable for the City. One of the members of the group writes:

"I do not want to be a bad guy, I really do not want to, but I have to comment on this.
I understand it's winter, and it would be nice to have snow and kids can sneeze and have fun in the snow.
However, we are not Dubai or Singapore that our budget can bear such costs.
There is a 4 2 truck all running, a 15 cannon that spends water and electricity, and an XNUMX people who care about everything.
Also a Unimog DVD that used a water from a hydrant for a night, the same watercourse that has huge losses.
Zagreb is simply not a rich city and we can not afford such luxury. Roads and bridges disintegrate, parts of the trams are broken, and the slum where Sljeme can be sled is inaccessible due to the lack of cableways.
(They claim that the problem is in the country, because Medvednica is protected, but these cannon came from Sljeme). "


- Priorities are obviously "Panem et circenses",

-Would any "capable entrepreneurs" Bandic's godfathers and relatives make a difference ?! di ?! This is the case with the state and the cities, and the state and the cities raise the credits, and by raising their budgets and savings, we raise the rating for new borrowing.

They are really persistent. They are at least so persistent to solve the primary problems of the city ...

mainly negative comments from Zagreb are due to "false snow" on Cmroku.