How many dogs paint firecrackers and other pyrotechnics and how much they suffer during the shooting, unfortunately some dog owners are well known. On Facebook, the group "Do not drop the puddles - throw potatoes" with an exceptionally interesting concept to create a little public awareness and warn of this dog problem.

- We love dogs and we love the holidays. Dogs and holidays also make us happy. But how are dogs really during the holidays? Most often they are under bed, in the bathroom, under the table ... in a safe place they leave when they are scared by firecrackers. Do we want our best friends to spend their holidays in fear?

A group of dog lovers from Creative Agency iZone has decided to provide a coupon to support a man's best friend in these holiday times. They have created this initiative to give the opportunity and the dog voice to hear them! A series of photos of dogs with messages about how they survive this holiday season and how the firing raids affect them, these scrubbers draw attention to an easily solving problem - do not throw the fireworks.





Organizers invite dog owners to support their initiative and raise their vote against using pyrotechnics.
Photograph your dog with a message of what you think about the petards, put it on the web at and help the fourfold friends enjoy the holidays as they deserve.
You can also support the initiative with the flirt on Facebook ☺ -