After several exhibitions in the homeland and the world of the first Croatian Christmas nursery were presented to the Croatian public in the year of the great jubilee. What was the year since the creation and installation of wicker scribes by Vojte Braniša in the Zagreb church of St. Lawrence, Blaze, and since then represent the Croatian church and folk art that was heard at a news conference on Thursday, 29. December in parish of St. Blaise.
In December 1916. from the then nursery school, they were transported to the Zagreb church, and the artwork of the scribble - even with 150 figurines that are popular with folk motifs - were inspired by Dr. Izidor Kršnjavi, Robert Frangeš Mihanović and many other authors. Because of the material from which they are made, as well as the emphasis of Croatian folk customs and costumes, the nursery "Croatian Christmas" and in a hundred years - after restoration and extra illumination - attract its beauty and delight the local and world public.

Thus, Branisce's nursery in the church of St. Blaža visited the Mayor of Milan Bandić and the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld, whose values ​​and importance were told by the Vespasian Vespasian Mažuran Subotić curator from the Gliptoteke HQ, the granddaughter of the scribe Branko Komadin and the local pastor mons. Zlatko Koren.
"These Christmas nurses are worth the attention of their 150 figurines, with Croatian peasants who run in Bethlehem. I am happy that these nurseries have their own value, but they have even greater value when people see it and that's why they went to the Advent program in Zagreb. It is nicer than to preserve its own national and spiritual identity, and when we respect it then we appreciate others and differently, "Mayor Milan Bandic said in particular in front of the characters dressed in formal sixth folk costumes and representatives of the citizens in dresses and coats that run in Bethlehem.



Praise the valuable team from the Parish of St. Blaža for organizing numerous cultural events in the city of Zagreb said the Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld. "We know that nursery is primarily a Christmas motif, but enriched by the folk cloth of this nun's glory, they talk about Zagreb's history, the tradition of the Croatian people, and are more of a religious symbol. That is why we have included them in the Advent program in Zagreb to enrich the cultural offer of our city, "said Bienenfeld, whose office has already supported other activities of the parish: organizing free monthly guides at Rok's Perivoj and Chapel» The Look From Zagreb terraces "and the preparation of the world traveling exhibition on St. Mother Teresa.
About the values ​​of scallops, which are most of the year hidden behind a wooden cabinet and opened in Christmas time, said a curator from the Gliptoteke HAZU Vesna Mažuran Subotić, a good acquaintance of the opus of Vojte Braniš, the scribe author. "Jaslice 'Croatian Christmas' for Braniša was a big challenge for him, and he was extremely skilful in this work, relying not only on the art analysis of shepherds in various European churches, but also on the memories and impressions he had from childhood and early youth when He lived with the family on a farm in Bozjakovina. And while some of the 150 characters are playing singing and playing, others move in a state of full contemplation. Branish's characters are individualized and craftily crafted, they are dynamic and dynamic, "said curator Mažuran Subotić.

Apart from the visual art, the production of "Hrvatski Božić" shepherd for Vojtu Braniša Bilia is a very complicated task in the technical sense as they are made of polycarbonate wax. One of the difficulties was to get wax in the war, so the then parish priest Svetozar Rittig gave a sculpture of wax candles from the Chapel of St. The rook and remnants of the candle, and the artist takes them according to the recipe of the Croatian painter prof. Bele Csikoša-Sesije melted and got the mass from which he was making figurines, and then he was afraid of them.
His memories to his grandfather, Branko Komadin, were shared by his granddaughter, Branko Komadin, in an impressive way by introducing this self-proclaimed sculptor, the author of works largely outside Croatia, while part of the family heritage. "He has also been involved in the preservation of folk art, so he devoted so much time to the preservation of lepidoptera and pacific lace as well as the preservation of traditional children's toys and knitwear. Branis has set up exhibitions all over the world for which he was rewarded, "said the grandson of Komadina.
Home Pastor Mgr. Zlatko Koren reminded that the shine of the "Christmas Christmas" waxes will be visible until Sunday, 5. February 2017. year, from 17.30 to 19 hours, and Sundays from 8 to 12 and from 17.30 to 19.30 hours.
With the presentation of parish parrots of St. The Blaze from Zagreb also issued a short guide about the scribes, which, amongst other things, bring figures related to the artwork, so it is said that the nurseries are made on the surface of 3,5 square meters, contain about 150 figurines of humans and animals and that the cost of making 2000 then crowns.