09.08.2010., Zagreb - Zdravko Mamić held a press conference in Maksimir on the premises of the press for the dismissal of coach Zajecu. Photo: Goran Jakus / PIXSELL

On the basis of the results of investigations obtained through international legal aid and criminal reports of the Ministry of Finance's tax fraud detection department, USKOK issued a decision on the conduct and extension of investigation against five Croatian citizens (1959, 1959, 1982, 1970, 1968. ) due to established suspicion of the commission of criminal offenses of abuse of trust in economic activity within the criminal organization and of aiding the abuse of trust in economic activity as a criminal organization. (29.12.2016.)
It is suspected that I. okr., As executive vice president and board member of GNK Dinamo, jointly and in agreement with II. Okr., Chief Executive Officer and Member of Management of GNK Dinamo, and in agreement with III. rev. the owner of a foreign trade company and IV. and V. okr. business leaders of that company, from 12. July 2007. to 29. In July, 2008., in Zagreb, undertook a series of activities with the aim of completing I., II., III., IV. and V. okr. , at the expense of GNK Dinamo, obtain substantial unimpaired property gain. In order to realize the plan of the group, II. rev. is 12. July 2007., in accordance with I. round order, on behalf of GNK Dinamo with company III. rev. concluded a contract establishing that his company is the owner of all football rights of a footballer and that GNK Dinamo accepts and assumes these rights and commits them in two installments to pay the 500.000 Euro. Although they knew that the aforementioned company was not the owner of football players' rights, following the conclusion of Contract III, IV. and V. okr. in accordance with the agreement with I. okr., on behalf of the company GNK Dinamo has issued two fictitious bills in amounts of 250.000 Euro. Then it was I. okr. ordered an unwarranted payment of 500.000 Euro from the GNK Dynamo account to the account of the company III. the defendant, who at the expense of GNK Dinamo obtained unproductive property gain from the 500.000 Euro, that is, the 3.630.472,75 kuna amounting to the sums I, II, III, IV. and V. okr. used for their needs.
Furthermore, I. okr. , as executive vice president and member of the Management Board of GNK Dinamo, in order to obtain substantial unrealistic gains for himself and III. rev. at the expense of GNK Dinamo, after 30. June 2007. GNK Dinamo with one English club concluded a transfer contract for a footballer, with III. rev. agreed that GNK Dinamo would conclude with a foreign company a fictitious Agreement on the basis of which GNK Dinamo will not be able to pay the amount of money that will be forwarded to account III. accused. Then there is 21. August 2007. concluded a fictitious agreement that allows GNK Dinamo to give the said company to 31. December 2007. in the English market he represents the interests of football players and he is obliged that if a footballer finds a club within the mentioned period, he will pay a fee of 1.200.000 Euro. Based on the fictitious Agreement I. Okr. is 13. February 2008. ordered an unwarranted payment of the 1.200.000 Euro from the GNK Dynamo account to the account of the company, from which amount is to account III. rev. paid at least 400.000 Euro, although I and III. rev. knew that there was no basis for such a payment since the said company did not in any way mediate the transfer of footballers from GNK Dinamo to the English club since the transfer was made before the founding of the said company and before the fictitious agreement between GNK Dinamo and the said company was concluded. The unduly paid amount of 1.200.000 EUR I and III. Defendants are divided and used for their needs.