The first Croatian Christmas nursery celebrated their fifth birthday! You can see these nursery in the church of Sv. Blaze to 5. February, and they also entered the Advent program in Zagreb.

The author of Vojta Branis Nativity Scenery was conceived as a display of Croatian customs and village tradition, to make something different from the previously presented Bethlehem shepherds. Therefore, they wear the name "Croatian Christmas".

- Deda lived in Bozjakovica and had a difficult time. He wanted to put that motif in the nursery because they had been shown in Bethlehem so he wanted to show our people - explained Branka Komadin, the granddaughter of author Braniša, who made even 150 wax figurines for her nursery. Branis first made figurines of the wax collected from the Chapel of St. Rocco, and the wax was scared.


- Since then the parish priest of St. Blessed then young artist Branis received a great deal of space, freedom and condition to present the village and customs - says Vesna Mažuran Subotic, curator of the Gliptoteke HAZU, adding that in the church, "our art, our customs, our people in folk costumes" were entered in the church.

According to Branko Komadine, sixth costumes, sixty motifs and details are shown, so we can say that it is about the real Zagreb scallops.

Župa Sv. Blaža also designed a special tour of the Rokov perivoj and chapel, which connects the Upper and Lower Towns, and thus contributes to the expansion of the cultural tourism of the City of Zagreb.

Zagreb City Mayor Milan Bandic also attended the presentation of the nursery, who said that "there are no more beautiful things than the preservation of national identity".

Author: Vedrana Mišković