In an interview for Nacional, Sandra Švaljek spoke about his plans when and when he became a mayor of Zagreb, about the relationship with mayor Milan Bandić, who was a deputy, about the projects for which Zagreb is craving, the support he has and many more.

Shvaljek thinks he has the competence to conduct a quality city leadership and can do so in a manner acceptable to citizens - without self-promotion, openly and transparently, with respect for profession and involvement of citizens in deciding on issues that directly affect the quality of their lives.

"It is necessary to look at the results of sixteen years of Zagreb's current mayor's work. I am confident that we can not be satisfied with them, and that Zagreb and Zagreb deserve better and more - said Švaljek speaking of his former boss, current Mayor Bandic.

Behind her candidatures, she said in an interview, is a circle of her friends and acquaintances from different stages of her life and professional career. However, she emphasizes that her team is made up of people from different professions - for example, urbanized by Teo Horvat, for which the economy is responsible for Mirjana Sumpor, for Holding Vladimir Ferdelji, for the waste of Mirko Budis and so on. It did not reveal much about the political support of the SDP or the HDZ, which has been speculating for some time now.

"I talked to Zoran Milanovic only a few times, I'm sure he does not think that our relationship is close. I got the support of HSLS, whose members I work very well at the City Assembly, and I believe that some of the Center Party will also support my candidacy. But I come out as an independent and non-partisan candidate in my own choices, "said Švaljek.

For the long-standing financial problems of the Zagreb Holding and the low sale of apartments in Novi Jelkovac, it is primarily the guilty of Milan Bandic.

- The mayor can certainly be held responsible for the high indebtedness of Holding, especially if we know that the debt was financed by the same amount of funds that the City of Zagreb is now paying out of the city budget by way of leasehold facilities. We know that Zagreb holding 2007. issued Bonds on the London Stock Exchange in the amount of 300 million, which will be refinanced in 2016. and 2017. year. With funds obtained through the issuance of bonds Holding was supposed to finance the reconstruction of the water supply network. However, this did not happen, but that money was financed by the construction of social housing at the Sopnica-Jelkovec site - he pointed out.

She spoke of the importance of the Sljeme lift, once again stressing that she, if she becomes a mayor, will be one of the first projects. For the never-completed University Hospital, Švaljek believes that it can be part of the Zagreb spa's project on geothermal springs in the Blato area.