In the presence of Mayor Milan Bandić in the Theater Gavella president of the Zagreb Institute for Health Culture Veljko Đorđević and Director of GDK Gavella Boris Svrtan signed a Charter of Co-operation, which they want to crown and improve already existing good cooperation.

During the past years we have already achieved a series of joint activities in which we have linked medicine and theatrical art. So five years ago, students of the Academy of Dramatic Art read at the Faculty of Medicine stories of patients suffering from cancer. He continued with a series of projects - From war to cancer with women who have been breastfeeding advocates, and to the "On the First Line of Health" action, related to defenders and improvement of their health, clarified the president of ZIKZ, adding that signing of this Charter is a significant step forward towards new activities that will specifically address the promotion of protection and improvement of the health of Croatian war veterans and their family members.

The purpose of the project is not only to preserve and improve health but also to attach as many people as possible with creative therapies that have proven to be extremely powerful in rehabilitation and health preservation, especially the veterans' population.


Director Svrtan stressed that all came from people from HVIDRA Peščenica who started to appear at the Gavella Theater at the show. With synergy we have come up with a variety of ideas, one of which is that in the 200 hall in Croatia, which is empty, organize shows and so hire 200 of young directors and dramatists who do not have a job. Except for going to the show, the defenders will create them according to the principle of the verbatim theaters. Croatian defenders defending Croatia will now help young people not to leave Croatia and to fill the halls in culturally devastated areas of Croatia, said the director of GDK Gavella. He also announced the construction of the hall above the foyer in Gavelli, which will greatly assist in this project and thanked the City of Zagreb for its support in realization.

"I am very proud of this praiseworthy project and I thank all who participate in it. I am happy to participate in the construction of a new hall that will improve the conditions of the Gavella Theater and attract more people to the theater, said Mayor Bandic, according to