Honorable Knife Leverage Command Headed by Commander Željko Matejčić on Sunday, 1. January 2017. exactly at noon, at St. Marka, will hold its traditional, New Year's Change of Guard.

By joining 2017. for the seventh year in a row, the Honorary Husband of Kremnica together with its sponsors from the Zagreb Tourist Board on the first day of the New Year of Zagreb and Zagreb and the guests of the City of Zagreb give the unique and spectacular historical performance of the Guard Shift, which revives the Croatian lake horses from 17. century and the historical beginnings of the cravat.

"With this extraordinary, festive and New Year's Guardianship, our historic unit will be a unique way to introduce Zagreb and Zagreb and all tourists to New 2017. year! I invite you to join us as much as possible at St. It marks exactly at noon on Sunday, 1. January, and to be with you in the center of Zagreb, "he appealed to the citizens Željko Matejčić, commander of the Honorary Shadow Command of the Regiment 1. January also announces the start of the new season of its regular Shift Guard. Just before the start of New Year's Guardianship, soldiers of the Honorary Shadow The Column of the Regiment will be deployed at the Stone Gate to its patron and patron of the City of Zagreb, Mother of God from the Stone Gate.


In the New Year's Guide, the horsemen, infantry and drumming orchestra of the Honorary Shrine will be part of the Regiment of the Regiment, and if judged by all the previous years, the first-ever spectacle of Honorary Orders The Kva Regiment will surely attract a large number of curious people, as well as fans of this popular historical unit during all occasion and public appearances.