Holidays are a vacation time, but why not be the time to learn new skills? In Futura Students are from 11. to 14. January as part of the Creative Winter program, a Workshop for Learning aims to help students learn more effectively and easily master the school responsibilities.

Christmas and winter holidays are the best times of year for children - they may be close to summer holidays and going to the sea. In these three weeks, most of them just want to enjoy holiday delicacies and socialize with friends and family, while only the most ambitious ones are to repeat what a lesson for the school or to read which page to read. But why would the holidays be just a throw-in time when there is so much space to learn something new?

This year's winter holiday is accompanied by an interesting educational program, Creative Winter, which includes arts and crafts workshops for children with a novelty - Futura Learning Workshop. The learning workshop is designed to teach the learning skills, motivation, the learning plan and the organization of working time and space lessons through the teaching of learning techniques, which will help them in learning easier and more effectively and in fulfilling their school responsibilities.
Research has shown that children who have mastered basic organizational skills achieve better school success, succeed in performing more tasks, have a higher level of motivation and, most importantly, are less complex, frustrated, and have greater confidence.

The aim of this workshop is precisely that - that the students acquire the knowledge and skills they will use in the long run - during their education, and later. In addition, this workshop can be a good introduction to the next school semester without the shock and the stress of re-seating in the school bench.
The learning workshop will be maintained by 11. to 14. January each day for three school hours in 18 terms: 00 to 20: 15 and is intended for students of 7. and 8. grade elementary school.

Workshop is completely free, and since the time of donation, attendants are also waiting for gift vouchers of surprises. All interested parties are invited to report as soon as possible - due to the nature of the workshop, the number of seats is limited to all 15 attendees.

Applications are possible via e-mail or phone, and for other information you can visit the official website or Futura Učionice Facebook page.