Police Officers of the Police Station of Velika Gorica have completed a criminal investigation into the 41 anniversary because of the suspicion of having committed a serious burglary.

It is suspected that the 41 annual is exactly an undetermined day of 15. October to 5. December 2016. in the Gradići, Kralja Tomislava, came to the house owned by the 68-year-old, crouched and pushed the basement window into the interior of the house.

Out of the house, he went around the 400 kuna in various coins, three drills and various men's clothing. After the alienation of the aforementioned objects, he unlocked the front door with the key he found inside the house, went outside and locked the house again.

The total damage is around 3000 kuna. A special report was filed against the suspect to the competent State Attorney's Office.