In the brilliant final of US Opena, after three hours and 20 minutes of great battles, Novak Djokovic justified the status of the world's best tennis player and winning over Roger Federer 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 reached his tenth title at Grand Slam tournaments and the other in Flushing Meadows.
More than three hours after the scheduled start of this year's US Open tennis tournament, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer walked into the arena of Arthur Ashe Stadium and finally started their 42. a mutual account whose start was postponed due to rain. From the following year, such a situation will no longer be, because the world's largest tennis stadium will be fitted with a movable roof. Novak Djokovic will be remembered as the last winner to reach the title before covering a grand building in Flushing Meadows.
Djokovic in the tenth Grand Slam title and the second triumph in his sixth final in New York, did not stop even in the fourth leg, earning scratches on his right hand and leg, and little to severely injure his ankle. To win the first set was decisive break in the seventh game.
Federer returned with great moves in the second set. He broke Djokovic's kick when the world number 1 served to enter the tie-break and after the 103 minute of the game adjusted the condition of the sets on 1-1.
The key moments of the third set will be the key to the ultimate outcome. Djokovic was the first in the third leg, but Federer was back in the next leg. In the lead of Switzerland 4-3 Djokovic saved two breaks and in the next game he broke Federer's first kick again. After two and a half hours of Djokovic's play, only one set shared the triumph.
Djokovic set up a two-leg set on the fourth set, kicked 5-2, but Federer did not give up. He returned a break, but what he failed to do in eighth lap, Djokovic did in the tenth, saving three breaks, 15-40 and another advantage. The first ball-game, which he reached after exactly 200 minutes, turned into the tenth Grand Slam title, the second in New York.
Djokovic won the match with 21-21 and won the Grand Slam tournaments (8-6).
Unused breakpoints (4 / 23), 54 unfinished errors resulting from the brilliant Djokovic defense of Federer's attacks, once again hit the Swiss on the road to 18. Grand Slam title, which is waiting for Wimbledon 2012. For the third time in a row, after doing the same in the last two Wimbledon finals, Federer was again the Djokovic, who almost lost his main prize.
Novak Djokovic became the fifth open tennis wrestler with ten or more Grand Slam tournament trophies. He resembled the legendary Bjorn Borg and in front of him remained Rafael Nadal (14), Pete Sampras (14) and Roger Federer (17).
US Open, tennis players - final:
Novak Đoković (Srb / 1) - Roger Federer (SWI / 2) 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4