The Zagreb Philharmonic is expecting a two-week tour as a chef at the end of the active concert season and the entire 2016. years. The tour starts in China with 26. December and lasts up to 6. January 2017.

The Zagreb Philharmonic has performed in almost all of Europe, Russia, USA, Mexico, Japan and Oman. International tours, especially in those countries where the Orchestra is invited to appear for the first time, are invaluable for strengthening the reputation and are also a powerful tool for promoting and internationally acclaimed orchestras.

Photo Salzburg

This is the first tour of the Zagreb Philharmonic in China. The Orchestra will hold seven concerts in seven Chinese cities (Chongqing, Nanchang, Kunming, Liuzhou, Guilin, Beihai) - with a grand finale of the tour in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Each of these cities (one-two-two to one-two and Shanghai with their 24 million inhabitants), with spectacular concert halls and impressive architectural buildings, rich culture and history, are also a special honor for the orchestra.

Along with the talented conductor Mirana Vaupotić, the audience in some of the most beautiful halls of the world, will enjoy the performances of Rossini, Bizeta, Borodina, Strauss, Brahms, as well as Croatian composers whose works are on the repertoire of every international guest orchestra.

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As they point out from the Zagreb Philharmonic, the invitation to the tour was reluctant to accept the music of our best orchestra around the world, and just one of the countries like China is the real example that the "voice" of our orchestra is really far away. This tour is of great prestige and importance for Croatian culture, for the city of Zagreb and Croatia.