The Arena is ready for the Zagreb 360 ° New Year's Eve show that is expected by thousands of guests from all over the world. Tickets for tomorrow's spectacle were sold in more than 60 countries whose citizens chose Zagreb for New Year's Eve destination, and it is expected that in Zagreb for the first time landed a private plane from South Korea.

The impressive 300 m2 quadrature stage is even as small as 90 tons. The LED display on its size is 150 m2, and 300 light fixtures are set up and more than 100 100 kilowatt-speakers. All the above indicates that opening the first day of the Croatia Winter Music Festival will be a spectacle to remember.



Satisfied tomorrow, Croatia Winter Music Festival received awe-inspiring recognition. The most popular world music magazine, DJ MAG party, welcomed at the Zagreb Arena in the top five New Year celebrations in the world where electronic music is concerned. World DJ stars to our capital city and Croatia will certainly give impromptu advertising to live stream reports from Zagreb.

360: 19: 00: 20: 30: 20: 30: 22: 00: 22: 00: 23: 30: 23: 30: 2: 30), Armin Van Buuren (2: 30: 4) : 00 - 4: 00), MOTI (6: 00 - XNUMX: XNUMX) and Juicy M (XNUMX: XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX).

The festival is held in partnership with the City of Zagreb, the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and the leading tourist agency Atlas. After New Year's Eve, six more parties have been held since Sunday, 1. January, until Friday, 6. January: Replay 360 ° NYE, Heart, Laundry, Enter Zagreb party presented by Wrong Crowd, Armada and Ultra Europe Countdown. During the week of Zagreb will host a number of world top DJs and some young stars, such as R3hab, Felix Jaehn, Lvndscape, Justin Oh, Kura, Sick Individuals, Thomas Newson, RODG B2B Ruben de Ronde, Jochen Miller, Mark Sixma, Omnia, Jorn van Deynhoven, Redondo, Ferreck Dawn, Raiden, and Headhunterz.

On Monday and Tuesday, 2. and 3. January, the Arena will host a major international gaming event, the Zagreb Gaming Arena. Over the course of two days, the League of Legends, FIFA and Overwatch tournaments will be held. A special experience will be a tournament in Hearthstone, which brings some of the world's best players to Zagreb. Thijs, RDU, Lifecoach and SuperJJ will compete for the first time against Croatian and European players for the rich fundraiser of the 10.000 Euro. Legends of the League of Legends have gathered more than 900 players, and the best 8 teams will compete for the 5.500 Euros. Visitors will also be VIP YouTube conferences with the participation of the most popular regional YouTubers Coffs, Bloodmaster and Mugla, and will be able to try a variety of VR devices and the latest games on PlayStation 4 PRO. The tournament is open for viewers, and the map at the price of 50 kn is valid for both days and can be obtained at



Tickets for all days of the Croatia Winter Music Festival are available for purchase online at and through sales outlets, including Atlas sales sites and Tisak Media. Tickets are sold in several categories, and prices for Zagreb 360 ° New Year's Eve range from 100,00 kn to 3. floor halls up to 2.000,00 kn for VVIP zone or restaurant. Inquiries for VIP and VVIP cards can be sent to Prices for other days range from 50,00 kn to 380,00 kn (VIP). Prices by categories and days can be found at