2016. the first phase of modernization of the Zagreb Zoological Garden was completed. This is a project of worth 38 million for which even the 95 percent of the money was provided by the European Regional Development Fund. As part of modernization, the volcano for African birds, the Madagascar complex with Madagascar animals and souvenir shops, the main entrance to the Garden, the residence for the Dalmatian pelican, the Educational Center and the restaurant with a viewpoint and a resting place, were built.

Renewed are the Lavoli Bridge and the statue of the Naples Fisherman, and the construction of Darwin's and Ribareva's Bridge to Labu's Island and its decoration of the Zoo for the first time after 1930. expanded to the extra surface.

Through modernization, the Garden has become even more enjoyable for life for its inhabitants, and to do them everyday, the worshipers are worried - from the thimble through zoologists, nutritionists and veterinarians to professional services and administration. They just gathered a handful of interesting information about the inhabitants of the Maksimir forest.

"In the Zoo of Zagreb, 2016. more than sixth of the world came to the world. Out of that there are over a hundred vertebrates. Of the mammals, the highest number of offspring were given by golochthale rats - even 24, rakes - 11 and mare - 10. Among the reptiles, most cubs have dwarf kayaks - the family has expanded to 22 members. Williams Macaklins also have a large number of kids - 11. There were nine of the mangroves in mangroves, and in the colorful boars of five snakes. The highest number of goats were gourd and mousetrap - from the first nest they had four and the other three small beaks, "said director of the Zagreb Zoological Gardens Damir Skok.

In the parade of the year, the Zagreb Zoological Gardens were declared black riders. Twenty-year-old female in Zagreb arrived from Đakovo twenty years ago, and a 10-year-old male seven years ago from the UK. Differences between years and origins did not stand in the way of their love. From the first day of the day, the black dances were very good, but extended to the family for a long time. Two beautiful healthy pups, males and females, a couple got this year. The happy family can now be seen in the African birds' wineries.

Visitors to the largest stars among the inhabitants of the Vrata this year proclaimed Lavić Tum and Uzur. Proposals for their names gave a thousand to two hundred citizens, and the vote for the best names included five thousand. The Lions have recently come back for six months, so there is an increasing difference between them. Tumi begins to grow taller, and Uzuri grows into a beautiful lion.
"If the inhabitants of the Maksimir forest are irresistible, confirms Boris, the Zagreb chimpanzee that is 2015. year in Ljubljana. There, Boris was waiting for the female Neža. Among them was the love of the planet, and the result of their passion for the world came in March. Lean Leona quickly gained great sympathy for the Slovenian public. Boris showed himself as a caring father and partner, and Neža as a gentle mother, "said Skok, adding that this is a great example of what the European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums serves, among other things. Through this association, cubs throughout Europe are looking for genetically appropriate partners with which to continue their kind.

During 2016. the 75 animal was removed from the Zoological Garden of Zagreb by 172 and XNUMX arrived. One of the most interesting new species is the Elephant scum. An animal that is not related to the elephant or the worm, and is recognizable by the feet like shins and muzzle in the form of suras. After genetic analysis of an animal that has been confused by zoologists for two centuries, scientists claim that their order is called sengia. "Sengi" is a word in the language of the bantu which these animals call the African natives. In Kenya, the Elephant tomb is called the "good spirit of the forest". From Arabuko's national park revenue, which is a trademark, local children's education is paid. More pictures from ZOO can be found in the photo gallery: