At Vinyl Club you are specifically invited to come to their new year's party:

-Draga 2016. yearly, we're full of the boss and we're asking you 31.posite to file an irrevocable resignation on the last four digits in the date!

In order to be sure of the legitimacy of the said resignation, we have also nominated a member of the play committee, Mak Murtić, Damir Jing, DJ Tabu and DJ Kutma Mirko, and all of you who are reading these lines invite you to go to the dancing places!

Let's leave the 2016 style! He lived 2017.

The last day of 2016. in Bogović's 3 you are expecting a traditionally good Vinyl's party with a twist. Experienced masters of good performances, jazz-soul-funk therapist DJ Kutmasti and our groom master, DJ Tabuu will join the band and two great instrumentalists, Mak Murtić and Damir Jing!

We will open the evening full of good music, improvisation on the subject of good mood and socializing in our favorite full-day stay in Zagreb, at 20 hours, with the entrance of 40kn, and in return we honor you at midnight champagne!

Tickets are available at all Entrio sales outlets, Vinyla cash registers or online at the following link:

Table reservation: + 385 95 8251 823