Everything is ready for a spectacular New Year's Eve at the Zagreb Arena with Armina van Buuren, Sandera van Doorna, MoTi, Juliana Jordana and others. More than 10 thousands of party members are expected from the 61 country, all of which will be accompanied by top-of-the-line audio-visual technique, claiming organizers.

Even though the last press conference ahead of tomorrow's New Year's Eve party should also be attended by headliners, the great Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, this was prevented by the fog in Dubai from which he traveled to Zagreb. But no fog will prevent him from appearing in the premier Zagreb appearance before the full Arena in Lanište. Armin's performance begins half an hour before midnight and will last until 2.30 hours. So, a real treat for fans of such music - a three-time set of one of the best DJs in the world.

Before Armina appear David Gravell, Julian Jordan i Sander van Doorn, and after him Moti and sugar at the end - Juicy-M. The Arena doors are already open at 18 hours, while the last "kick" of the bass should only be heard at six o'clock in the morning.


Organizers from the Croatian Ultre claim to have sold more than 10 thousands of cards until now, and they went to even the 61 country. Numerous party leaders will occupy Zagreb this afternoon. Mostly, they say, from Ultre, about the younger deeper pockets - who are coming to spend well and do not think to save them. We are also expecting the first landing of South Korean private aircraft to Zagreb Airport.

As far as the techniques are concerned, an enormous stage of 300 square meters of heavy 90 tons is set in the Arena. The LED display on it is large 150 square meters. All this is accompanied by 300 light fixtures and a hundred speakers of 100 kilowatts.

He recognized all this and the most famous world music magazine DJ Mag, which has greeted Zagreb in top 5 top New Year's Eve in the world when it comes to electronic music.

Let's note again at the end and the New Year's Eve with Armina van Buuren and the rest of the first seven days as it lasts Croatia Winter Music Festival. We are still waiting for a reprieve, and then two days Zagreb Gaming Arenanot a few "smaller" parties, among other things, and the one that will feature well-known R3hab whose songs on Youtube have tens of millions of views and thousands of spearmint.


The next day of the Festival (January 5) was reserved for ARMADINI DJs, the last day (January 6) is a kind of announcement of "older brother of Zagreb's Ultre" - Ultra Europe Festival which will be scheduled at the beginning of July next year at the standard location - Poljud Stadium in Split.