At the marian shrine in Marija Bitri, a solemn pilgrimage to Zagreb was held on Sunday, and Archbishop Cardinal Josip Bozanić, referring to mass, referred to a refugee crisis in Europe, saying that only peace in refugee areas could halt the refugee wave, while speaking of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac said that his holiness would not be overwhelmed by any attempts of earthly interests.

On 284. the devotional pilgrimage that took place under the motto "Mary, do not refuse our requests in our needs!", tens of thousands of believers gathered. Cardinal Bozanić referred to the refugee crisis in homily and stressed that while in Europe it is heard to talk only about the acceptance of those who leave these countries, one should not forget the remaining ones, the Archbishopric of Zagreb announced this evening.

"Everyone who is suffering the war warns us of the evil that is the cause of the suffering of all who are driven away; they are the conscience of all those who do not care for themselves, for their homes; used by selling weapons and spreading their influence and authority see only themselves. We still carry lively memories of the persecution and violence of our people in Croatia. That is why it is important to alert the causes and sources of evil, to oppose all and to everything that drives evil, fear and disagreement, "Cardinal Bozanić, Zagreb archbishop said.

That is why, he stressed, it is necessary to appeal to world powers to stop the evil of the world. Only peace in those areas can stop a refugee wave, he added.

In homily, Cardinal Bozanić also referred to the figure of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, pointing out that "Blessed Alojzije, following the example of Jesus, accepted abstinence and blows, which have not departed from his life and death to this day, but with confidence in God he overcame every the lie and his sacrifice became a witness to the truth. "

He stressed that "the sanctity of life of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac was verified and confirmed by the highest instances of the Holy See".

"Therefore, bearing on him the Cross of Christ, we are not afraid of the truths, and we are prepared to argue with the full truth of this tragic war period. The sanctity of the Blessed Alojzije will not be overwhelmed with any attempts of the earthly interests, even though it is being sought to continue to be grasped, "Cardinal Bozanić concluded.