With the first days of January 2017. new Info Center Dumovec opens. The "SUZA" Pet Center Info Center ceases to work on the last day of this year and we take over their work on 11 years on behalf of the City of Zagreb.

In these 11 years SUZA has helped thousands of animals find their way home, combine lost pets with their worried owners, save many neglected and abused animals from irresponsible and cruel owners and we all have testified to some of the incredible stories of the good works of volunteers, our fellow citizens, veterinarians and shelters all over Croatia.
We will continue their work and start sharing information about what we've done to make sure that every lost or found pet and these holidays have happily and safely found their family.

The City of Zagreb's Neutral Animal Shelter has a website www.azilzagreb.com where a new section called Info Center is opened, and by clicking on it, you enter the new section of the Info Center: http://www.azilzagreb.com/info-centar -dumovec.

Here you can leave a message about your lost pet or someone you found and search and report lost, found, abused and wounded animals.

The Info Center's phone number is 01 / 2008-354, and this number becomes the number of call centers (call centers) and the shelter, and a new e-mail is opened: infocentar@dumovec.hr where citizens can contact when they have questions or any ambiguity.

The new Facebook page for ads, instead of Dumovec's advertising, becomes Info Center Dumovec.

Information for citizens:

Phone number: 01 / 2008-354
Website: www.azilzagreb.com
E - mail: infocentar@dumovec.hr
Facebook page: Info Center Dumovec