Zagreb became the City of Angels one night. New Year's Party in City of Angels NYE ​​2017, inspired by Los Angeles, brought Hollywood glamor, California Beverly Hills, and Urban Sound California to the Kornati Hypo Center. More than a thousand visitors enjoyed in the top of the party, organized by experienced RNB Confusion team, and a rich program and excellent DJs provided the time to enter 2017. a long time to remember.

The Kornati Hall was shining with the glamor of Los Angeles. The Walk of Fame space in the lobby has made every visitor feel like a star, and a particularly designed space Hollywood looked like a party after the Oscars. The big dance floor of Beverly Hills 90210 was too small for all the visitors who danced with top hits and visited the irresistible LA one night

The program was on the craziest night by Connecticut Ivan Dražić, who by the morning entertained visitors and was their guide through Los Angeles. The music program was led by A Skitzo, the award-winning DJ, which with its unique style and contagious energy has shown why it is one of the most influential DJs in the region. On stage he was joined by DJs Sheko and Daniel Turk, who played 2016. with excellent urban sound and unforgettable hits the Kornati Hall moved to California.

City of Angels NYE ​​2017 is the fifth consecutive New Year's Eve hosted by the RNB Confusion team at Hypo Center. This year's inspiration, Los Angeles, turned out to be an outstanding theme for an unforgettable party, and excellent light and sound production showed why RNB Confusion is one of the most popular regional entertainment programs that visitors are always keen to return to. As it looks, see the photo gallery: