1. January Croatia celebrates the definitive entry into force of the bans on animal breeding for the purpose of fur production, issued by 2006. years. The chinchilla saw and most of the public waited for long 10 years of transition period to end one of the most abusive practices on animals - torture and death for the sowing of fur.

The entry into force of the ban is the result of the long-standing strong and persistent struggle of citizens, experts, institutions and animal protection associations. That is why Animal Friends will give their cake on their behalf to the Ministry of Agriculture. They want to thank the competent ministry in a symbolic way by listening to the public voice and celebrate this historic victory for animal rights in Croatia. It will also be thanked to Prime Minister Plenković and the presidents of Grabar-Kitarović.

Since the ban on breeding 2006 fur. became part of the Animal Protection Act, most of the chickens growers, the only animals that are breeding in Croatia for fur, ceased production. But a smaller proportion of the breeders calculated continued production, with the aim of breaking the legal ban. Last summer, due to the pressure of the chinchip breeder, a new Animal Protection Act was proposed, which was intended to favor the remaining breeders. But citizens have been harshly opposed to lifting the ban!

Despite this, a new public hearing was opened last month, suggesting, by an urgent procedure, a prolongation of the transitional period for another year. The public has also denied this time with disapproval, as it did before the 10 years, defending the pride of the whole of Croatia.

Citizens, veterinarians, politicians, parliamentarians, public figures, civil society organizations and institutions agreed on the ban on animal breeding. Ethical public awareness overwhelmed small profit-making interests and placed Croatia on a map of civilized states that respect the public's attitude and adopt high ethical and ecological standards in animal treatment.

Animal Friends thank everyone who helped in achieving this great victory for animals, but also for people. Together, we continue to spread the awareness that, besides the many available hot materials, animal fur and associated bloodthirsty breeding do not need them.