On the occasion of the FIS World Cup ski competition called "VIP SNOW QUEEN TROPHY" and closing of the 3 traffic. and 5. January 2017. For all traffic except ZET bus, vehicle with license and accreditation, in the Zagreb area the following roads are closed:

Sljeme road from intersection at the top of Sljeme road as well as road towards Tomislavov dom, 1.1.2017. from 6 to 6.1.2017. to 12 hours, east traffic lanes of the Kaptol Street from the circular course in front of the Cathedral, Bakačeva Street with the completion of J. Jelačić Square, from 1.1.2017. from 18 hours to 5.1.2017. to 6 hours - there will be a free passage for cars by Kaptol Street from the Cathedral to the Street Under the freeway wall, and the passage of pedestrians will be on the western footpath to J. Jelačić Square;

Bliznec Street and Sljeme Road, from Bliznec to Šestinsko Lagvića, 3.1.2017. from 9 to 19 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10 to 21 clock;

Gračanska cesta and Markuševečka road, from Bliznice to Jazbina, 3.1.2017. from 9: 30 to 19: 00 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10 to 21 clock. Traffic on the vehicles of the tenant Gracan at the time of the ban will be allowed only from the direction of Markuševac and Jazbina;

The cypress road, the east trolley, from Jandric ul. To Gracanica c. and Ul. Mlinovi from Gračanska to Jandrićeve, 3.1.2017. from 9: 30 to 19 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10: 30 to 21 hourly traffic will take place by bypass Jandrićeva Street, for which reason it is completely prohibited to stop and park the vehicle;

Approach to the Queen's Zenith from the Sixth Road to the Sixth Lagoon 3.1.2017. from 10 to 19 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10: 30 to 21: 30 hours,

Street Kaptol and Bakačeva Street, 4.1.2017. from 17 to 23 hours;

From 22.12.2016., For all traffic, except for vehicles with permission and accreditation, the following roads are closed in the area of ​​Upper Bistrica:
The sloping road of 2.1.2017. to 6.1.2017 .;
Bolnica, Ribnička, Bajzečeva, Radićeva, Vinogradska, Sejurska, Strojarska, Tesarska and Gorska ulica, 3.1.2017. from 7: 00 to 19: 00 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10: 30 to 21 hours.

Traffic on the vehicles of tenant Gornje Bistre at the time of banning will only be allowed for arrival and parking in the yard of family houses.
Traffic will close to Sljeme from Pila to Huinjke 3.1.2017. from 9 to 20 hours and 5.1.2017. from 10 to 22 hours.

Traffic closure and redirection and temporary traffic control will be marked with appropriate traffic signaling, and traffic police officers and police officers will be operated on blocked traffic points.

Due to the temporary regulation of traffic and diversion to alternative routes, it was possible to transport the vehicle by alternative directions to the Mirogojska cesta, Remetic road, Kameniti table, Ulica Šušnjići and Kvintić street to Gračanska, then Ulica Jazbina and Štefanovec to the place of traffic prohibition as well as to the direction Pantovčak, Šestinski the wreath, the Sixth Road and the Mills to a traffic ban.

The Zagreb Police Administration encourages all citizens to respect the established temporary traffic regulation and adhere to the instructions of police officers and the police service.