DJ (28) was detained for rape and unlawful confiscation of freedoms, and the judge of the Zagreb County Court sentenced him to one month's prison detention because of the influence on witnesses and the danger of repeating the act, writes

He doubted that he had raped the 25-year-old, who was previously detained for three days. The girl met Facebook in early December and asked her to send her photos. She sent the picture to herself in the brassiere, then at her request another free picture. He then began to threaten to send these photos to her partner. She threatened to kill her, her children and her partner and her partner's parents if she did not come to Zagreb.

Scared of his threats, the girl agreed to ask for it, and DJ came by taxi to the address where she lived. Then they went to Zagreb together by bus, and throughout the road he tapped it over the body. When they came to Zagreb, she took her to an apartment where she was imprisoned. She took her cell phone, and soon she started to beat her, pull on her hair and shout at her. She had raped her many times even though she refused and begged her not to do it.

Horor stopped 26. December, when police officers arrested him on the door. The police came to his address because the girl's father reported her disappearance, and investigating whom she had all communicated before she disappeared, came to the DJ and arrested him. He has psychological problems because, as he has learned informally, he is suffering from schizophrenia.