30.12.2016. The Saxophone Quartet composed by Nikola Smetko, Dragutin Roić, Patrik Prežgaj and Luka Relić won the first prize at 54. State Croatian Competition for Students and Music Students - Chamber Compositions, held in Zagreb, 6. and 9. December 2016, and on the occasion of this success, the Honorable Mayor of the City of Jastrebarsko, Zvonimir Novosel, and his deputies Stipe Bučar and Domagoj Šlat congratulated the awards.
This successful quartet consists of four young men, of whom three are from Jastrebarsko and former students of the Jastrebarsko Music School, who continued their education at the Pavilion Markovac Music School in Zagreb. Namely, under the leadership of Professor Nikola Fabijanic, they won the first prize at this prestigious competition, making the city of Jastrebarsko proud. To commend their efforts and work, mayor Zvonimir Novosel, received award-winning saxophonists, and congratulates that this is just another proof that the Jazz Music School is indeed a good foundation for further music career and how much the richness of Jaske is in musical terms.
The young and very successful Jazz musicians, with daily commitments, participated many times and completed numerous socio-cultural events in Jastrebarsko, and on this occasion thanked the mayor for their support and praised the work of their professor. "From the competition you never know what to expect, it's important that you practice and believe in yourself, and we honestly believed in the first prize," said Nikola Smetko, who is also a member of the Puhački orkestra DVD Stankovo.
Finally, with congratulations and we want them a lot of luck and rewards in the coming years.