In Zagreb's Children's Disease Clinic, popular Klaić, two new departments - a one-day surgery department and a pediatric day hospital - are opening on Monday, whose opening is aimed at improving the treatment of children and, in smaller medical procedures, shortening the stay of children in the hospital.

Klaićeva Health Adviser Zoran Bahtijarevic says that the day hospital will receive the first patients on Monday, while the first single-day surgery surgeons will be operated on Tuesday. One-day surgery will cover thirty pediatric diagnoses, but it is expected to extend the number and type of surgery over time.

In the new one-day surgery unit, equipped with the own resources of the hospital and with minimal investment, will be performed about thirty operations, from rigging, fimosis, mole removal, laser healing treatment, endoscopic diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of vesicoteteral reflux.

"In the beginning, a dozen small patients will be operated daily in general anesthesia and so much in local anesthesia, and we expect to increase this number in time," Bahtijarević announced.

The opening of child day care is the result of joint actions of the Ministry of Health, the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance and the Zagreb Children's Disease Clinic, which has improved the conditions for financing the entire pediatric medicine, and also one-day surgery in children.

Bahtijarevic points out that the new one-day kiruga board in Klaićeva is the first such in Croatia, denying that the first such department will start working with 1. October at the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital.

Children's Diseases Clinic Zagreb is the largest pediatric institution in Croatia. She is hospitalizing around 20.000 children every year and performing 6.000 surgical procedures, while in hospitals there are more than 200.000 examinations.