The central city square is preparing for "Race legends"Which will celebrate 50. the FIS Ski World Cup anniversary, featuring celebrated Croatian skiers Janica and Ivica Kostelić.

Hundreds of loaded trucks from Sljeme brought snow to cover the improvised path from Kaptol to Manduševac on Ban Jelacic Square, where on Wednesday 19.45 hours to drive the Legends Race.

After that, the track should be left to the citizens, and there will also be a ski school for the youngest. If weather permits are allowed, the track will remain in the center of Zagreb until mid-January.

Let's remember, Tuesday's women's slalom race is scheduled on which the strengths will be measured by the best skiers in the world. The first ride starts in 13 hours, and another in 16.15 hours. The men's slalom will be held on Thursday. The first run for skiers starts in 14.45 hours, and the other (nightmare) in 18 hours.