The humanitarian concert of the famous Croatian jazz and rock singer Zdenka Kovačiček will be held in 5. January at the 21 watch at Vintage Industrial Bar to raise funds for abandoned dogs under the auspices of the Indigo Animal Welfare and Protection Association. Zdenka Kovačiček will perform with the band's accompaniment by performing the repertoire of hits by Janis Joplin, and various music guests will join on stage.

Always energetic performances and unique vocals by Zdenka Kovačiček and already proven top performances of Janis Joplin hits are good enough to visit Vintage this Thursday. If you are an animal enthusiast, you can also do a good job for dogs that need help most, and make a contribution to ensuring better living conditions for abandoned dogs.


iggy pop-2-photo-sanjin-Castellan

The entrance will be a voluntary donation, and the funds raised will be donated to the Indigo Association, which currently cares for over 80 dogs. A portion of the donation will be used to cover the cost of food and accommodation, and the cost of drilling for Iggy Popa, one of the oldest dogs from the Association who spent his life on a short chain and in inhumane conditions, while the rest of the funds collected will be spent on helping other abandoned dogs under the aegis of the Association .

"I love animals very much and I have always had pets, and I was also home to it and often helped to abandon abandoned sniffs. So I came to the Indigo and Iggyja Association, whose full-year look and care I just could not forget. I wanted to help him somehow to re-feel love and affiliation and experience his last year differently. So I decided to launch this action and organize a concert. Let's help together to do something for this one but worthwhile dog life, "Zdenka said.

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With Zdenko Kovačiček & Carla Belovari, Flashback, 4head, DemeNtronomes will also perform at Assassin's Assassination Concert. The program will be conducted by actress Monika Mihajlovic, and in the role of DJ will be Mario Kovač.