Missing police officer Ivan Moguš (35), who has been intensively searching for the past few days, was found dead on Monday in the Sava Penitentiary area, according to the Zagreb police.
The found body of Ivan Moguša, near which the gun was located, was taken to an autopsy at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Salala.

"This is our colleague Ivan Moguš," they confirmed for the dalje.com from the Zagreb Police Administration but did not officially want to confirm that suicide is all the while indicating it.

Police Officer of the Team of the Zagreb Police Inspectorate, Ivan Moguš (35), was the last time seen 23. December last year at the Bus Station in Zagreb where he left his colleague after night shift.

Respectable criminals expected this kind of event, because you could leave all your belongings in the office, including a personal ID card and cell phone.

"They found my life ... They're playing angels in the sky ..." - a wife told Facebook that many acquaintances express their condolences.

Let's remember, the police are looking for another member who disappeared with 21.12. Petar Manojlović (66), a retired police officer, a former deputy chief for the criminal police of PP Trnja from the house went to the unknown, crossed the bridge of Mladost, and the cell phone signal before he was caught was caught in Zapruđe settlement. He also communicated this time through the Viber application. It is not known to whom, Jutarnji list reports.

- That morning we had coffee and breakfast. I called him to go with me to pay a bill to me, but he told me he did not let me go alone and that when I get back I'll go to the Waterworks.

About 11.30 hours I went home and he did not. He told me that he was in Zapruga and that he had walked out. We often knew how to go to Plodine, so I thought she had gone to the store. The last signal of his mob is located in 11.40 hours on Savica. The house has not returned.

His papers and money remained at home. He only brought only the cell phone, ZET's display, and the keys to the apartment he had locked up for the home - she told the manor Jutarnji Manojlović, whose neighbor, after he went on a search for his wife, said that before walking for a walk he saw him in front of the house the car checks the battery. Manojlovic has been struggling with black thoughts lately, but his doctors were not worried.