Police officers of the UP in Zagreb have received a smaller number of applications for asylum seekers or persons staying in the hotel in Porin over the past period. More specifically, there are three events; one mutual injury that is adequately prosecuted by filing a criminal charge with the competent state attorney's office of 30. December 2016. and two events for which criminal investigations are being conducted.

In the first event, 31.12. In 4.40 hours, a report was sent to the Paromlinska Street bus stops. Four of the injured claimants stated that they were physically attacked by three unknown perpetrators who then left in the unknown direction. The injured did not have any visible injuries and refused medical assistance.

The second event occurred an hour later, around the 5,30 hour at the Kauzlarić bus station, whereby the asylum seeker stated that three of the unknown perpetrators were physically attacked by him. Due to visible injuries, the doctor provided assistance to KBC in Zagreb.
In the cases described, all measures and actions are taken to find responsible offenders.

Asylum seekers in the Republic of Croatia enjoy all their rights under the Law on International and Temporary Protection, and on the grounds of the protest there are additional police officers who will speak to asylum seekers.

The hotel's premises as well as the area around the hotel continually provide police officers and police patrols, which is in favor of the fact that their security is of great importance.
It should be noted that asylum seekers in the Republic of Croatia are free people without any restrictions on movement.