2. January, around 12.30 hours, in New Zagreb, Albin's street, on the playground, while trying to activate the firefighter, there was a serious injury to a child whose medical help was provided at the Children's Disease Clinic.

Of pyrotechnics that are freely available from 15. December to New Year are most often harmed by children and juveniles, and this is very common in the family environment, police warned at the beginning of the "Peace and Good" action, which is carried out by 1993 on Christmas Eve. years. Since the pancreas, before it is triggered, staggered, held with your thumb and index finger, your fingers are most often injured. Along with them, often the road and the middle, the third finger, depending on the strength of the explosive, sometimes the whole fist. Every situation is different, but in principle it is a combination of injuries that include scarring, bruising and burns of the tissue, so-called. dirty, polluted wounds. Unfortunately, many do not realize that playing with pyrotechnics and even the most common little petards is always risky.

Additionally, although manufacturers are required to enclose usage instructions and are generally assumed that the assets sold are correct, they never know how it will react. In a hundred packages can always "trickle" an incorrect bark, for which someone can stay without a finger or eye. Injuries due to improper handling, often defective firecrackers bought from illegal sellers, can be serious.