Sunčana Seletković, founder of the Budi fit mama program, designed the Detox 21 program for the start of the new year. It is a program that enables 21 Day to recover from the body's exuberance in food and drink, its toxins cleansing, and the creation of prerequisites for the return of the body in good shape.
In order to better prepare the body for all the challenges awaiting it throughout the year, it is necessary to improve digestion, strengthen immunity and regenerate energy. With quality rest and moderate physical activity for this, it is necessary to regulate nutrition.

"Detox 21 is a program that works inside and out. In this program emphasis is not on exercise but on the diet that releases the body of poisons accumulated over the years, especially during the holidays. Therefore, in the first two weeks of the program, they do not eat meat or food of animal origin. Meat is gradually introduced into the third week. With foods that help detoxify, and balanced nutrition, and exercise, accelerates the excretion of toxins, circulation improves and improves plucking. Thanks to this regeneration of the body, the man feels reborn, full of energy, and easy as a feather, "Sunce Seletkovic said.
Conscious of the fact that many mothers do not have enough time to practice, and the latest program, as well as its successful predecessors, is based on the internet and social networks.
Through the internet, women have a special menu and training plan with video tutorials, and additional support and customer counseling have a special Facebook group Be Fit Mom. Namely, it is proven that lack of motivation and support for people is one of the main reasons for dropping out of the program. That is why Sunčan Seletkovic conceived a closed group as an ideal support for those women who do not have the support for exercise and diet in their immediate vicinity. Within this group of members share their experiences, ask questions, praise and despair, and in all of them the women with whom share the same goal. For additional advice, there are professional trainers and nutritionists who are encouraged by women to persevere in their plan, sending special motivational messages every week.
The program runs on 21 day because it's just that much time, explains Sunny Seletkovic, most people need to adopt healthy nutrition habits. He points out that nutritionist Jelena Pugelnik designed a menu, based on easily accessible foods, with dishes that are delicious for the entire family.
Detox 21 can be good for anyone, especially those who want to lose extra pounds. After such a program, the body is ready for new efforts, ie new exercise programs, because it will detoxify faster fatty deposits.


About Sunčani Seletković:
Sunčana Seletković is the founder of the Budi fit mama program. Although he graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, having fallen in love with fitness, aerobics and healthy nutrition, he began to attend further education in this area. Among others, Australia completed the Institute for Fitness Professionals. He is the author of the manual "15 Minutes Daily to Slim Body." Today, he designs and runs fitness programs aimed at encouraging women to live more active and quality lives and to be healthier and happier.