Since Wednesday, 4. January to Sunday, 15. January at the Zoological Garden of the City of Zagreb between 11 and 15 hours can be seen through an interactive Winter World Expo.
Thanks to the Winter Exhibition around the world, set in six tents and two training centers, visitors to the Zoological Gardens can meet all the faces of winter. Interactive exhibits approach the winter in the swamps of Lonjsko polje, the deciduous forests of Europe, the coniferous northern and tropical forest of Southeast Asia, the African savanna, the deserts of North America and Australia, the Alps and the Mediterranean.


Winter-around-the-world-2Along with the presentation of specific climatic conditions in these parts of the world, the exhibition reveals how the animals were adapted to the winter. While some warm a thick fur and thick feathers, others do not know what the temperatures are.
In order to make the children acquainted with the most colorful way of fauna, they expect unusual preparations such as flea nest, lice prints, fur tigers and Siberian wolves, lion skulls, snakes, prepared turtles and horns of antelope. Some live animals like the snakes and crawlers will also be able to touch. The hands of the hands will also be plants from the presented climates.
Visitors through the show will guide the educators to introduce them to lesser-known facts about winter in different parts of the world.


The Paprika agency is participating in the exhibition with the employees of the Zoological Gardens of Zagreb, and the partners of the program are OPGs Hukavec and Kelečić, Franck who provides snacks, and Curaprox which promotes oral hygiene in children.