On the occasion of conquering 46. Boxes of matches, the traditional Zagreb Malaga tournament, Mayor Milan Bandić received in the City Board of Directors and Leadership of Pizzeria Zagreb - Borongaj Lugovi.

Congratulating them on the effort, persistence and bliss of winning, mayor Bandic emphasized that the finalists of the cult box should be further popularized and introduced a small football on the grand gate of the Zagreb Arena, because with the quality program and the attractive revival match the interest of little football fans will surely not be missed.

With gratitude to the Mayor for continuous support and reception, Josip Jakovljević's leader emphasized that this team was made up of football players mostly from Dubrava and Peščenica, making this success even more valuable. The box of matches this year gathered through 200 teams from all Croatian counties, as well as from neighboring states. This is a remarkable achievement for one quarter-team like us - he said he announced the title defense in the next edition of this tournament.

In addition to the Mayor, the meeting was attended by Assistant Head of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports Milan Čolić and the Secretary General of the Zagreb City Sports Association, Zdenko Antunović.