Milan Bandic

On the occasion of Orthodox Christmas, the Mayor of the City of Zagreb Milan Bandic sent Milan Metropolitan Eparchy of the Zagreb-Ljubljana Porphyry to Perić and the Archbishopric of the Macedonian Orthodox Church of Croatia in Croatia, prophesying to Kirk Velin, and to all believers of Orthodox confession, in which, among other things,

- It is my pleasure to be able to meet you in this holiday season and in the atmosphere and congratulate you on Christmas with the traditional greeting of Peace of God - Christ is born!

It seems that the secret of Christmas is that we are, in our search for great and extraordinary, the people we are referring to uncomfortably and tiny.

I want all of us to slow down this time and take our views from great business, plans and care, and let us down to small, ordinary, seemingly insignificant things.

The child should be in the middle. Smaller and weaker should be in the middle. Solidarity and goodness should be in the center. Dignity of every person should be in the center. I believe this is the right path for our world where many still do not see the light or the reasons for hope.

Light is true and has come to the world, and there are reasons to hope, despite everything. This is the encouragement and message of Christmas.

In that spirit to you personally, to your family, to your priesthood, to the monks and to the past, I wish joyful Christmas, and in the new summer peace and good! Let us know 2017. the year will be illuminated by the light of the Bethlehem Cave and filled with the peace of Kneza mironosnoga.

He was born, "said the Mayor of Zagreb.