As you probably know, we are only five days away from the closing of Alberto Giacometti's exhibition at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb.
An exhibition that opened 20.09.2016. so far it has been through 37000 visitors from Croatia and abroad. Of course, numerous critical reviews and press releases have also contributed to this.

On Friday, 06.01.2017. (Three Kings) - The exhibition space is open from 11 to 21 clock
On Saturday, 07.01.2017. - "Alberta Giacometti's Night"
- The exhibition space is open from 10 to 24 hours
- convenient gifting of visitors, discount on catalog purchase
On Sunday, 08.01.2017. - The exhibition space is open from 11 to 20 hours

The visitors will have a unique opportunity to see Giacometti's works borrowed from the French Maeght Foundation - twenty drawings, the same lithography and sculptures in the Art Pavilion.

Sculptures, known as Giacometti's "thin people", which are also globally recognizable, characterize rough, nearly rusty surfaces, their elongated torso, their heads, their arms and legs, reduced to the most striking images, thus virtually causing fractures . Already at first glance, in "thin people", a powerful metaphorical is read - it is seen that the sculptor used the depiction of human existence without joy and meaning.

The latter is the result of the sculptural friendship with the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and the connection of Giacometti's sculptures to the subjects of Sartre's existentialist philosophy. Even though Giacometti himself claimed that he did not take into account the philosophical implications of his works today, these sculptures, perhaps more than ever, correspond to the modernity in which people struggle for existence - often for a brave life.

That is why the exhibition was conceived in accord with the recent experience of Croatia and Europe. Hence the title of the "Portrait of the Present" exhibition. It is about sculptures "Women from Venice" - a cycle of nine monumental sculptures by artist 1956. he celebrated at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice and the sculpture "Walking Man" - an emblematic masterpiece to date holding the first place on the chart of the most expensive sculptures. Namely, it is a work that a few years ago sold at Sotheby's auction in London for $ 104 million!

The project, specifically designed for the Croatian audience, confirms the importance of Zagreb as a European cultural center. The author of the exhibition and the selection of works are signed by Jasminka Poklečki Stošić.