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Dragutin Lesar: "Now give me just one reason why Zagreb should not host the Winter Olympics 2026? Caligula can do it all!
Soči 2014, Pyeongchang 2018, Beijing 2022 and Zagreb 2026. "- this is just one of Facebook's users who are attracted to the snowfall down Bakačeva Street.

On Facebook, a journalist continues in the ring tone: "I've seen what's in the square today, I do not know how to make the product of that madness anyway ... let's say - let them down for the weekend and now right in front of the camera ... I would add - and for mayors ...
28 million kunas this year costs this circus. This in the square - 35 000 kuna - the meter of that track. It really is worth it when crises and poverty - give the people a game and all five.
I've been writing about it several times, but as the diagnosis of the bandit in question gets worse - it's worth repeating from the very beginning of the self-contained pots; therefore, race races are not organized, but that you have brought advertising to ski resorts that become real tourist centers. Never Kitzbühel or Garmisch-Partenkirchen, for example, would not have been without the World Cup races, and there was a fantastic opportunity to get a real center (when Kostelic happened to happen) but just in Bjelolasica the entire region could develop from that and then all this would make sense, and then the legacy of Kostelic would not be forever but right in place. Why did they agree to such a thing only they know - because they know and how it all works ... so it is not a rumor that Munchen or Vienna can not organize such a thing and have no hills, of course they can have 100 times more money, but they did not do it because there is simply something planned that is done here, not in line with a local sheriff's order that seeks millions to organize "for a vip" team ... and advertising, what kind of advertisement, and who comes to zagreb for that, so that's funny…

"And if the snowy trail is from Markov Square across the cable car to Ilice, all the way down to Sava, then the Sava River and the ice-skating rink for the whole year?" Said former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor.

- I'm waiting for Formula 1 to run over the upper town

-Bandić's downhill in Bakačeva Street is set, supposedly all are paid by sponsors among others HEP.
Once upon a time in the decadent Roman Empire, supposedly crazy carethey organized games in arenas throughout the empire to the people for their kindness and joy. They were creative, snow brought from the nearby mountains, various battles were organized, and the fascinated people did not realize that they actually paid it all through taxes.
What has changed since the Roman Empire? Games are there, bread is getting smaller, orgie has replaced the viewing of "Big Brother", only the unchanged remains "divide and rule."

- In the cathedral, at the confession, you get two slalom and one downhill ....

- I'm confident that this Bandic duo! He sleeps one before you sleep and then wakes up! "What can not you dofurat snow and ski around town? So that I would not be surprised to blame that 4 jumpers are added to 5. ZAGREB!

- Let us now again praise the people who work on the slopes of Sljeme and Zagreb. Let them pay some form of financial aid because they are most likely to work for the bad. They deserved it. And we do not sleep until heroes bleed. An incredible dose of hypocrisy. Niche business is not worth anything except snowing. That's it. It's the job of the future. , there are comments below, and no sprdex static page is required. which published a text titled:
After the race racing at Band Bandić announced the ferry line Borongaj-Remis, while calculated that The Snow Queen and the Manifestation of the City is more than the program activity of all Zagreb's cultural institutions - together.

The famous satirist Ja-Zmaj also made some interesting photomontages - what could the next Bandic may think of.



Source: Facebook

That the mayor does not care for the fellow citizen, it has long been known. In the 17 years he did not respond to any protest - like those for the British or to save the Flower Square. The most recent is the "case of Jabuka" when the officers of Bilić-Erić separated the terrace from the club during the night, to tell the city first that the terrace was at all belonging to the club and then gave a completely different explanation - it suits them to the leadership of the club. And while citizens entertain the montage and status-race with fake snow will be held. Because he always laughs at the end of the mayor.