3.jpg between 13 and 13.10 hours, at Trnja, a Known, an unknown perpetrator falsely introduced 66 as an employee of a public company and rented jewelry and money from her apartment, injuring her for several thousand kuna.

On the same day in 9.50 hours, in Odri, Djakica, an unknown perpetrator falsely introduced 86 as an employee of a public company and injured several hundred cents.

As you would not become a victim, you have tips from the Zagreb Police Administration.

  • Do not let strangers in your homes, but do not be sure of the matter before.
  • If a person is presented as an "official", look for an official ID card that all persons officially acting are required to have and provide insight.
  • Do not be tempted by convincing unknown persons of their titles and similar performances.
  • Do not surrender to the persistence of unknown persons who, at any cost, want to enter the home under the pretext, for example, "illnesses", offering for sale "at reasonable prices" of various items (medical supplies such as massagers, books, bedding, , seeking charity or billing for example medical services, chimney services, and the like - because you are exposed to the risk. Only low-quality, non-original and suspect goods can be sold at considerably lower prices than usual.
  • When you are alone in the apartment or home, do not put this to the suspect and ask one of your neighbors to join you.
  • Remember the look of a person, color of hair and eyes, height, age, and characteristic characters (moths, scars, tattoos, and the like).
  • Write down the vehicle registration number of the suspect and its color, mark and other characteristic details of the vehicle. Adult family members who care for the elderly warn them of danger and repeat these tips.
  • If you are in doubt as to the persons who come to you, especially if you are committing a criminal offense, ODMAH inform the police of the number "192"!