The bears returned to the ice in front of their fans after a short break, and in a tough and demanding match with one big and important goal, they came up with three new points. The rhythm of championships and domestic matches is re-energizing, so they expect a new rival from the East, Amur Habarovsk, tomorrow.

"We have not met Amoura this year, but given the way they play their last game in Bratislava, we know we have to be focused on all the details of our game. With new players in the game and some with new roles, we know that we must first concentrate on ourselves. But we will be ready, "said Medveđa coach Gordie Dwyer.

In the third win in a row, his big contribution was given by goalkeeper Drew MacIntyre who has locked the net for the fourth time this season.

"There are no teams that are easy and easy to play in this league. With everyone we have to do our best to keep up the agreed plan. Yesterday's victory was a good start for the year, we continued on the excellent matches we had before the break and that's good for the team's confidence, "commented Drew MacIntyre.

The Amur team, led by coach Andrei Martemjanova, will play for the fourth time in Zagreb, and so far have taken five points from Ledena, while the Bears in Khabarovsk have picked up four points from two matches.

"We will not underestimate anyone, that's for sure," said Francis Pare about the current 13. teams from East with 50 collected points from the 47 match.
The Tigers came to the West to play two games in both Bratislava and Zagreb, and last night Slovan scored two victories in the middle of the match.

The first goalkeeper team is Juha Metsola (1.98 GAA, 92.9% SV), replaced by Aleksandr Pečurskij (3.50 GAA, 87.4% SV) and Ilja Andrjuhov (1.72 GAA, 93.5% sv).

Changes in the team during the summer brought them from Torpedo's defender Maksim Kondrat (5 + 11), which leads all defenders by efficiency. Following are Jan Kolar (7 + 4) and Artjom Zub (2 + 7).

In the attack Tomas Zohorna (12 + 14) and Teemu Ramstedt (6 + 16), the first shooter and team's first assistant, are the main topic. Ramstedt is like Kristian Kuusel (6 + 13) arrived from Finnish Liige. The members of the third-line attack, the brothers Vjačeslav and Vladislav Ušenin along with Oleg Li have 34 points this season.

Compared to the special teams, Bears take precedence in both categories. Amur in 14.3% takes advantage of the game with the player more, while Bears are successful in 15.9% of cases. The third best team to play with the player less keeps their net empty in 85.1% situations while Amur has a weaker performance than 79.9%.

It will be the first of two games in two days in Brno, and the Bears will meet for the first time this season with teams from the Far East. New big three points are in the game that Bears do not think to drop easily.

Tickets are available at all Ticketshop sales outlets, online at and at the Main Event at the Sports Center 90 minutes before the start of the match. The transfer was announced on the 3 Sports Club channel.