After an exceptionally successful first night of failure, Comedy Club Studio Laughter and ProPuh continue to organize and organize the second night of the 6 failure. January 2017. in 20: 00h hours.

What's the Fuckup Night Movement at all?
Fuckup nights is a global movement created in Mexico 2012. year with the intention of publicly sharing business failures. Hundreds of people visit these events that take place in cities around the world, and each night there are three to four speakers. This entertaining project also survived in Zagreb.
The other "Fuckup nights Zagreb" evening will be spoken by Tamara Puhovski in front of ProPuha, Petra Bojić in front of the WWF, Danijela Čavlović, owner of Kairos B & B Studio and Ivana Bara, former manager of the Government's online team, while the manager's stake will be re-downloaded by Marina Orsag. The team stand up of comedy and failure conference proved to be a full hit, so this time you expect a very fun evening.
After the presentation is followed by a final discussion and an informal non-formal gathering.

In addition to the successes, they decided to start a new year with an insight into failures and failures in work at 2016 or how far their history goes
Interspersed with professional success stories that motivate your motivation to justify the achievement and concealment of failure, we remain determined to show the second part of the medal. Considering that we should open space for each other, and we are talking about ourselves as being a normal step on the professional path, but also for the emergent phenomena that provide support and valuable insights. Our goal is visibility and rehabilitation of failure.
Comedy club Studio Smijeha is one of the few places where professionals who are confident and self-confident in public talk about their failure, and the ProPuh is a small firm of great ideas, which in many of its failures does not count the nights of failure.
Come on as much support as you (success) at other Fuckup nights Zagreb!

Ticket price is 40 kn, and your place can be booked by phone on 095 / 5103 129 or by e-mail at