Ivica Kostelic will be the eighth lead by Croatian skiers on the slalom race of the Audi FIS Snow Queen Trophy. Next to our most successful skier will be five more Croatian representatives - tomorrow at the start of the slalom - Filip Zubčić, Istok Rodeš, Matej Vidović, Elias Kolega and William Vukelić.

The men's slalom race of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup "Snow Queen Trophy" is scheduled today, 5. January.

The first run begins in 14.45, and the second in 18 hours.

"We are strong in form and good form, and I think we have a chance for good results. I hope the race will be good and that the track will endure to high starting numbers. I can not say if this is my last race on Sljeme, but certainly not the last in the World Cup. I would like to drive to the Winter Olympics next year, and I hope that health will help me to be good there, "said Ivica Kostelić.

Filip Zubcic is our best skier this season. The 13, 14, was realized in three giant slalom season in Val d'Isere this season. and 16. , while the supercombination at Santa Caterina was 20. So far twice as Filip has performed at the Audi FIS Snow Queen Trophy race, and two years ago, 15 took over. place.

"Two years ago I was in a better slalom form, and I think this year is our greatest opportunity to be six of us. For the last three days I was preparing for Sljeme and I will give my maximum for the best result - said Filip.

The Juniors of the World Championships East Runn also had twice skied on Sljeme, but never once qualified to qualify for the second run. He hopes Sljeme will bring him another third chance.

"I do not feel pressure, yes, the domestic audience gives me special strength," said the East.

Matej Vidović in Zagreb comes with several successful placements at the European Cup and FIS races, and has been on Sljeme three times already.

"It will be my fourth time to ride on Sljeme and I hope to show my best skiing tomorrow tomorrow," said Matej.

Elias Kolega is yet another young Croatian skier who achieves better results.

- I hope I can do it better. The race in front of the home crowd is an extra plus for me and that means a lot to me.

The youngest Croat tomorrow at Red Down will be William Vukelic, who will be the premier at the World Cup slalom races.

"I'm in a slalom form and I hope to be well off tomorrow. Much to me is the advice of Whites and what I can train with him.