This is only with us! It is a sentence that a few people have not spoken or heard with a compulsory addendum "how such things could not happen out there."

Although in most cases this claim does not correspond to the truth, there is a situation where such a rating is quite appropriate.

The ski track in the center of the town is difficult to find anywhere else than us. In the skiing competitions, other nations and cities reported their mountains, and we reported the mountain.

Others reported ski resorts and our excursion site. And while the Austrian, Slovenian, Italian and French ski resorts made financial pluses, our excursion site made us mostly non-expenditures.

All because of "no promotion for Zagreb and Croatia". Never anyone, except for organizers, if honestly with them, was not clear about spending money on promoting Zagreb as a ski and winter destination?

Hotel facilities in Sljeme sound like the beginning of a quiz. And he does not notice when our stomach will stop licking and commemorate these two contradictory notions.

The cable car we have had is not working for almost as long as the World Cup races take place in Sljeme.

Laik would think that ski lifts and ski races are something that goes naturally together, but the Zagreb professionals know better than that.

Zagreb entered the calendar of skiing competitions with the zeal of the victories of Janica and Ivica Kostelic. And one of the worse days in the Milan Bandic's career who hardly supported Zagreb's participation in the Ski Cup was surely the one who heard that Janica was reluctant to ski. And so before the competition called Snow Queen.

Without Janica, with the unlucky Ivica, races last two days on a hill that does not have any hotel and content facilities above the city where tourists only go down to the sea.

In 10, Bandic did not improve the tourist and economic potential of Sljeme, but in the last years, Martina Bienenfeld and Advent in Zagreb had happened.

Suddenly, Zagreb has something to offer to its guests in the winter, just at the time when the races take place. And something that was madness and eccentricity suddenly gained a sense. So you should watch this revival race in Bacau.

Unlike what they do, this at least offers their guests a location where they have something to work after the race ends.

Although the idea of ​​maintaining the race from the Cathedral to the Square, thanks to the good wine map of the Manu restaurant, makes it much more meaningful and useful than the idea of ​​maintaining the World Cup races at Sljeme, which came to practically the same team. No wonder they were sober then.

About the ski resort in Bakačevo more talked about, talked and transmitted these days than about the Red Fall and the main races. While opinions are shared, the opinions of tourists, media and people from outside are generally positive.

What should be the goal. If Zagreb wants to continue to participate in the Ski Cup and unless all the races can be driven in Bacau, then Sljeme should be turned into a true sports recreational complex. Which will not only have ski slopes, but its altitude and climate, and more suitable soccer and tennis courts, swimming pools and a sports hall. Construction of a cable car is understood.

This meal and we personally love it, but it is pointless to invest millions in the event with which we only sell beans and sausage.

There are no other cities in the world. The hill is reported in the World Ski Cup calendar and the catwalk trail from the cathedral to the main square.

Advent in Zagreb wins prizes and attracts more and more tourists. Prizes may be arguable, but tourist and economic pluses do not.

Zagreb is not shameful either by offering. Gastronomically, audiovisual and visual it is much richer and more varied every year.

And that is why this snow drifts into Bakača Street a genius idea no matter what happens to it and whoever it is. She has succeeded in performance and purpose. She talks about her. Naveliko and broadly. It promotes the location that is worth advertising. At a time when it should be advertised. When there is an economic tourist manifestation that breaks all records.

The races on Sljeme are only meaningful if they will serve that competitors in the break of the race drop down to Bakača to promote it to social networks.

From Sljeme you should make a real hotel sports and rehabilitation center that will then make sense to advertise through the Ski Cup races or leave these races.

If in the city administration nobody knows how to, let the concession shine and leave the buyers to break their heads to fill it and make it profitable.

So winter in Zagreb also has things that no one else in the world is doing. Is this because we are different from the others or smarter, but everyone will agree that it is attracting more and more tourists to our city.

Instead of letting it happen, it's time to think how to make better use of it. The room has a breakthrough. Not only in Sljeme, but also in the town during Advent. Zagreb is not just nice in the center. The head of Martine Bienenfeld did not suck all the ideas in the city.

Zagreb becomes a tourist town. And with some Christmas wonder as a winter destination. Well, if the citizens of Zagreb will at all accept it, and even if it does help, they should be less grinning and more happy. I can still shout as it is with us and nowhere else.

More with a smile, and less with awe.