And while the first one brought this year's snow, others dropped to the dark. But there is no reason for nervousness or joy - because there will be no more snow in the coming days, they say from Crometeo. Anyway, when it is snow, the Zagreb Winter Service is ready to catch up with it.

All 259 teams of the Winter Roads of Zagreb Road, located on the 15 base throughout Zagreb, are in a state of alert. At Sljeme, where the men's Alpine Ski World Cup slalom event is held today (Thursday), 5 team was deployed. Measures were taken earlier, as soon as they were alive on the thermometer, they began pouring critical locations, such as bridges, overpasses and hill sections, so that ice did not get creased.

- At present, all streets and roads in the city are passable and salted, but according to the needs, the number of field teams will increase and the continuity of the pitch will increase. Please note that the Zagreb Road currently stocked has 18 thousand tons of salt and 2500 tons of liquids stored, but additional stocks of strategic reserves will be withdrawn if necessary. We ask all citizens to respect the winter conditions on the roads and if it is necessary to go through the form on the website Zagreb Roads inform about the contacts of the Base which is in charge of their street. Also, all information can be obtained via the Call Center of the Zagreb Holding Company by phone number 072 500 400 they say from Holding.

There will be no need for a more significant fight against snow. The next days will be overwhelmingly cold and windy, but with little snow.

"What we had today, these are short-lived snowflakes. As we have short-term rains in the summer, and in winter, when it's cold enough, we can have short-term snow flakes. They come quickly, go fast, but suddenly they stop and leave no more snow. There is nothing much to be expected in either Zagreb or the rest of Croatia in the coming days, but such short sea storms are still possible.

But we will have a lot of wind and lots of minuses, that's the image of the times of the next day. Northeast, Northeast, very strong and cold wind which will further lower the temperature. Tonight we are ringing in the minus and we will not be leaving it for the next five days. The temperature will be at night and below at night and below night, up to -10, and more. The most daily values ​​between -8 and -3, but when this wind strength is added, it will look cooler. Every day there will be some sunshine, plenty of clouds and some shorter snowballs, as it is today. Monday is a seemingly "candidate" to drop two or three centimeters of snow, but nothing is more significant - he claims Kristijan Božarov from Crometeo, adding that next week we will not bring much snowfall, but that will bring the Siberian winter.

Citizens are obliged to remove the snow in front of the entrance and the roofs

- According to the Decree on the communal order to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks to the building are responsible co-owners, and in front of the street shops it should be done by the owners or users. Snow clearance is organized within the building and the representative of the co-owner is obliged to indicate the schedule of clearing on the notice board and also to notify the Municipal Directorate, which is responsible for controlling the implementation of the Decision and charging the penalty. Additionally, in the event of an injury, the injured person can directly claim from the co-owner a claim for damages.

In addition to cleaning around the building, co-owners are also tasked with removing snow and ice from the roofs. Although most often not defined by the management contract, this business can also be done by the manager on their behalf by engaging an executor who has the appropriate equipment - they say from Zagreb Holding.