I said earlier that the channel was the line separating Kozari Boka and Kozari Puteva, and we went to each other over the 'bridges', the one from which Pacov and Munja jumped. If this natural and not very fragrant border was wiped out, Archangel Bandic took care of himself, and the mother of nature took care of the beautiful meadow in the smelly canal. Although Bandic, due to the suspicious business around this project, was almost burdened with a striped suit, it did not diminish our joy. Especially when there are children's parks and beautiful sport grounds in the meadow ..

To be quite clear why we have grown up so infantilely looking forward to the parks, it is important to emphasize that after 50 and for many years we got the first swings and slides. Even before the park was officially open, the parks were full of children, but also the adults with whom they swore swings for swings. So, let's say, often under nightmare and with an excuse to take a kid to play, I swim to the utmost, and my eyes around my carp as a chameleon in the fear that someone would not see me. And you do not have to blame it. The swing and slope was the undisputed dream of my generation who just going to school and going there from the school to the brewery kindergarten to sensitize the charms of the slides, sand dunes and other dances that Zagreb (I will never forgive him).

At one quite random drive from Kvatrica to the bus, I discovered that this is not the first children's park in our village. She told me what a year older than Ljerka was when we were drunk through Heizel:

- We're in 7. With the separation of these 70s, we wanted to park for a long time, though it is a natural need for the child. We knew we did not have to wait for the initiative of Zagreb, or our ever-employed parents. That's why we squeezed our sleeves and in a yard, the old, spoiled van leaned on the board, and ran off with her like a toboggan. And the swings have slipped off, but too low, so we were lying, "Ljerka nostalgically says with a smile from ear to ear.

At that moment, I did not even dive into the late hours of the night in the new park and catch her as she swarms like a little child.

And indeed, looking at our resort now (at least to me), it takes breath away. Because, I remember how my breath had been taken away before ...

I was the third or fourth grade when I was in the school yard eating a gablec - apple and couscous. In addition to me, Zoran chewed the sandwich he had brought from home because he knew what school was on the menu Thursday. And while I was so hungry with the envy of Zoran at his snack, we watched together the events on the channel that sped near the school. The police patrol was, indeed, sailing boats by the canal and stuffing some big picks at the bottom of the unlucky finder who had been bounced off in stormy waves before the bike. Now we come to the part that has taken my breath ...

On our eyes, they pulled a huge, cramped, half-torn corpse, and concluded, That's not him! God knows how many souls in that canal drowned and ended up in Sava without ever asking anybody for them.

I remember, I was breathless from the scenes, and Zoran's piece of salami went out of his mouth. Truly, a sight-to-mind that keeps you from enjoying this view that we have - now.

Author: Snježana Vučković