Opening of the exhibition Tebi, about us author Petre Orbanić and Marija Plečko will be held on Thursday, 12. January at the Student Center Gallery of 20 Hours. The exhibition is open until 21. January, working days from 12 to 20 and Saturday from 10 to 13 hours, they reported from SC Gallery.

The foundations of collaboration and the creative process Petra Orbanić and Marija Plečko derive from their friendship and common fascination with nature, walking, climbing and hiking. The thoughts and feelings through which the artists go through these activities are manifested in their works, but they are not just a matter of matter and fact. For artists who are active subjects of their own story, they are gestures, memories, accomplishments and unrealized desires. Every observer is invited to experience them and listen in their own way.

Together they organize, participate and collaborate on numerous art workshops and projects, and have exhibited at home and abroad. The winners are several rector's awards and praise the dean for successful work, winners are 2. HPB Awards 33. Youth Salon 2016. and praise of the Academy of Fine Arts from the Latin High Praise (Magna cum laude). Since September, 2014. the artistic collaboration that has come from common walking, hiking and climbing, which at the same time becomes an inseparable part of their creative process, begins.