Art organization RUPER, in cooperation with Theatre & TD, will start this year with the premiere of "It's not us, that's the only glass" produced by Ivane Sajko. In the direction of Franko Perkovic and dramaturgy by Ivan Penovic and Saša Božić, young actresses and actors Tena Nemet Brankov, Tina Orlandini, Matija Čigir and Bernard Tomić will perform the show. The premiere is scheduled for 12. January, at the SEK Theater & TD hall in 20 hours. Invitations. The rerouting layout is 13. January.

Text It's not us, it's just the glass encompassing the consequences, that is, the waves of the economic crisis that left behind a huge pile of nothingness, the disturbance that produced countless questions that do not give answers but wonder, and then alienation from society and the alienation of society itself. Such changes in the balance of the past as legacy and the future as a youthful potential are most evident at the family level, ie the relationship between children and their parents and the environment that defines them.

Franka Perković has been re-directed by Teatar & TD after more than ten years, and the work on the new project says: The play is about some unfortunate topics we all know very well about the time of transition and the economic breakthrough through the perspective of four young people playing really young actors Matija Čigir, Tena Nemet Brankov, Tina Orlandini and Bernard Tomić. We decided to set up the hall of the SEK Theater & TD Student Center in Zagreb precisely because of the specific intimate and somewhat claustrophobic feeling that this hall provides. We had a lot of fun having fun doing this show, and no matter what it says, as I said about some unlucky time, I think the show is actually fun and it would be nice to get the audience to recognize it.

Ivana Sajko, in his characteristic writing of poetry, a kind of poetic engagement, has detected some of the recessionary themes of the past and this century, and he has also led us through the history of the film and the "history of everything and everything", and we specifically opposed this new workmanship , a new performance energy generation for young people who are students or have just finished the Academy. Our wish is to introduce them as a new generation of Croatian actors, said playwright Saša Božić.

- We believe that they are currently the best choice for running this text because they are basically those who have experienced the time that text speaks in a specific way - they are not just children of transition, they are also children of war and they are, like the text itself says, the future of this country - said dramatist Ivan Penovic.