At the invitation of the president and founder of The Tesla Science Foundation Nikola Lochara, mayor Milan Bandic participated in 8. January, at a conference titled Wireless Transimission of Electricity - Tesla Laboratory Colorado Spring, held at the New Yorker Hotel in New York.

- I am proud that Zagreb is recognized as Tesla's worshiper and follower, which certainly confirms the well-aimed long-term goals of the city of Zagreb and shows us that by its work and activity we stand beside the technologically advanced cities, European and world metropolises - said Mayor Bandic. is the mayor of the city of Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, honored with this award "which, with its weight and value, commits itself to perseverance in the work, the interconnection and cooperation between cities and states"
"By investing in the future and making smart achievements, we invest in our entire planet Earth that we leave to the generations that come," concluded the mayor of Zagreb.

President of the Fund Nikola Lonchar emphasized that Mayor Bandic uses every opportunity to educate people about Tesla, who is responsible for the construction of Tesla's car filling stations in Zagreb, supports the work of the association Nikola Tesla, adding that Zagreb is celebrating Dan Nikola Tesla, that Zagreb has Tesla Park, and the Technical Museum is the name of Nikola Tesla. For all of the aforementioned Tesla Science Foundation, he has awarded the mayor Milan Bandić the Tesla Spirit Award, which is awarded each year to deserving individuals or organizations in the field of Tesla.

Before the Conference, Mayor Bandic met with Fr. Nikola Pašalić and attended the Mass in the Croatian Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist. Cyrillic and Method.