The head of the Zagreb Red Cross Crossborder Advisor, Zvonko Mlinar, said on Monday that there are 102 users in the shelter, there are still places to pick 50 people, and their door is open in 24 hours in these days.

In addition to the accommodation in the warm rooms, for all people who do not have a 'roof over their head' in the shelter in Zagreb's Kosnica, there are also provided three meals a day, hygiene supplies and clothes, said Mlinar for Hina.

He pointed out that they were preparing for the winter conditions and increased need for their services in the reception area, but they did not have a major breakthrough. He added that in the past 20 days he received 12 new users.

- Our door is open for 24 hours and we have never denied anyone regardless of whether it is from Zagreb or from other parts of Croatia. Anyone who finds himself in trouble can come to us, "he said. He explained that there are cities where there are no shelter and accommodation and that these people, if they do not take care of them in their areas, come to Zagreb and they accept them.

He noted that homeless people in Zagreb are also accepting the Caritas reception center in Sesvete Kraljevac, where 20's people can be accommodated.

Mlinar said that the shelter in Kosnica was open for six years and that he accepted the 135 users on average. However, this year, a few of their users, and most of all those mentally ill, are being accommodated in appropriate facilities.

People who are accommodated in their shelter can not receive any social benefits from the state, he said, adding that people are hard to decide to stay in the shelter because they are not even entitled to a 100 kuna pocket. Their users, he noted, "can get any one-time help".