After months of preparation, on Monday, 9.1.2017. the 12 is officially opened at Laubi - House for People and Art. the edition of Zgrafa - an international manifestation of graphic design and visual communication from 1975. was held in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian Association of Fine Art Artists of Applied Arts.

Except for the main exhibition consisting of Revision and Theme and Eduzgraf of the exhibition of student works, Executive Director of Zgrafa 12 Morana Matković and curator Michael Richter announced the arrangement of numerous accompanying activities and the exhibition of Swiss design studio Peng Peng, winner of the Grand Prix 11 award which will be held in the ULUPUH Gallery of 16. January to 13. February 2017.

As for any issue so far, the International Jury will select and award the 5 Award (Zgraf Grand Prix, Zgraf 1, Zgraf 2, Zgraf Welcome and ico-D Excellence Award) and 10 Honorary Diplomas for the Best Works on the 12 Graphics. International Jury 12. The editions of Zgraph are made by Rick Poynor, Radovan Jenko, Vaughan Oliver, Jianping He and Sanja Rocco. The Zagraf Excellence Award will be awarded by the members of the Selection Committee of Zgrafa 12, and the AICA Award will be awarded by the Jury appointed by the Croatian branch of AICA in the composition of Sandra Križić Roban, Marko Golub and Boris Greiner.

Award ceremony of Zgrafa 12 will be held on Saturday, 14.1.2017. in 20 lessons at Laubi - a home for people and art.

Program 12. the edition of Zgrafa includes the Exhibitions of Audience and Tema, the Grand Prix 11 and the Eduzgraf Exhibition of Students, the Eduzgraf program, rich in workshops for adults and children, lectures by members of the International Jury and the Eduzgraf Cinema program, and will end with the Design Design in Practice.

You can view the program you are looking for HERE.